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Why choose DFSIN?

By choosing to be an independent advisor, you can perfect your craft and build your business according to your own strengths and interests. 

You manage your time, choose your clientele and make your growth strategies a reality. Your efforts and determination will reflect your income potential.
As part of the Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, you have access to a wide range of products and services to meet client needs.
You can rely on the unparalleled strength of our partner Desjardins, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada



and Reliability

Along with the professional skills and expertise, we’re looking for advisors with the same values as us: determination, entrepreneurship, drive and customer service. Whether you’re a finance university graduate or an experienced advisor looking to reach your full potential and face new challenges, you have a place within our network.

Your DFSIN Financial Centre

Your financial centre and its multidisciplinary team are available at all times to work with you as you help your clients reach their full potential. Be a part of a unique corporate culture and trade ideas and best practices with colleagues.



Benefits of Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network

There numerous benefits for advisors affiliated with DFSIN.


We’ll help you get started by offering you financial support during your first year with us to help you build partnerships and clients 
We’ll help you get licensed and keep your credentials up to date.
You’ll have access to an array of tools to help you create your materials and build your own business strategy
You can rely on the expertise of the professionals at your financial centre, as well as those at head office
You’ll have access to numerous resources to help you grow your business, such as a client management system, intranet, client/prospect-facing newsletter, remote IT support, laptop rentals and more 
We’ll help you attract, retain and transfer your clients. Once you’ve built your client base, they’re yours; if you leave the network, you can take your clients with you