Deborah Murray

Deborah Murray

  • Financial Security Advisor
    Offering Life, Health, Group Insurance and Investments

Proudly serving the communities of Durham Region and east to Campbellford.

As a financial services advisor, (licensed Life and Health Insurance Advisor), my role is to engage clients in thinking. Working with families, local businesses and those approaching retirement age, I prompt clients to discover their true current financial situation; where they are today. Then, after gathering the dollars and cents information, I listen to their goals and priorities.

Over the years, these are some of the things clients have told me they want to achieve:

  • pay down annoying nagging debt and have better cash flow
  • have the means to provide as much as possible for their children’s post secondary education
  • retire early to follow their heart in volunteer work or travel

By really finding out where clients want to get financially - I make recommendations to ensure that clients have clear steady path to provide a financial future that is exactly what they envision.

While I can't turn coal into diamonds overnight, with time and planning you'd be surprised at what's achievable.

My philosophy: life is full of choices. Every choice has a consequence.

  • Should I buy that big screen TV on credit or save for it?
  • If I choose not to save for retirement; I'll live for the now while I'm still young.
  • Will I protect my family’s financial well being with insurance?
  • Should I tolerate the downs in the market for the prospect of greater returns over time or invest to guarantee my retirement income?

All choices have a consequence and it’s our ability to make good choices that will bring us to where we want to be or to keep us where we are now.  As my children leave the house each morning, they hear me say, “Make good choices.” By now, I hope they have learned that today’s choices affect tomorrow's ability to choose.

An active investor and saver since the age of 18, books like “The Wealthy Barber” - and now "The Wealthy Barber Returns," “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “The Millionaire Next Door” initiated my interest in financial management.  My desire to help people learn and grow in all areas of financial security was sparked as a result of my experiences with families and finance. Working with Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network gives me the freedom to provide leading product solutions – from many different insurance companies – to match my clients' needs.

Involvement in my community is paramount. It's a funny thing, I find when I give to others I get more in return. Friendships, true gratification that I'm positively impacting another life and more. As a member and past president (2013/2014) of the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise I serve the community in many ways. From participating in fundraisers to providing input on the board of directors to managing the clubs document management system and website. I am honored to have the pleasure and opportunity to serve my community alongside may selfless business leaders and individuals. And it doesn't stop there. I serve as a director for Durham Community Foundation and get excited when the opportunity presents itself to volunteer with Junior Achievement to teach and train youth to better understand and manage "real life" from a financial point of view.

The impact of being part of such giving organizations is highlighted when health impacts your ability to give and you feel the warmth of receiving. In October of 2013 a major health issues stole my ability to fully contribute to my community and clients for a number of months. I began to live and feel first hand the importance of having financial security - no matter what life throws your way. And with that came a deeper understanding of the value of what I do for others in my career and community. Understanding how truly grateful people feel when you give to them really hit home when I was on the receiving end. If you'd like to hear my story in person, just call or email and we'll setup a time to get together.

With a husband, two great young adult children and a wonderful teenager – I understand the busy-ness of family life and how the demands for our money are always tested.  Finances can often become a source of stress within families simply because planning "the big picture" has been pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. 

Families who work with me, work to reduce stress; and together we move planning up to the top of the priority pyramid. Ultimately, my goal is to positively inspire generations of families through choice, learning and experience to create total financial well being.

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