Dan Matwey, MBA, CFP®

  • Life and Health Insurance Advisor
  • Mutual Fund Representative*

It is my honour and privilege to specialize in helping families affected by disability. For the past six years I've been committed to finding financial solutions and putting strategies in place to secure the future for disabled children and their families. It is because of my own family experience of having both a brother and sister who have courageously dealt with Schizophrenia since their late teens, that I understand the challenges that exist - my passion lies in dealing with those challenges. There’s enough emotional turbulence as it is, financial uncertainty need not be, and doesn’t have to be part of it.

I am dedicated to building a solid, lasting relationship with all of my clients. Keeping them informed is high on my list of priorities, as is prompt response to any inquiries. Equally important is the need to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs. Only then will a plan be devised that is truly tailored to meet those needs. I strive for an honest and open relationship where I can gain their trust; I do that by doing what I said I would do.

Holding an Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, along with being in the industry for many years, I have both knowledge and experience to help not only those in my specialized market, but also individuals and business owners to navigate the financial landscape.

I am committed in guiding you in the achievement of your financial security goals by transforming your ambitions into concrete solutions. Thanks to the support of a dynamic team and the assistance of financial service-related experts, I am able to offer you a full range of services and advice on tax and legal issues that will benefit your financial security situation.

A great thing about our region is the number of quality of organizations serving the community and the opportunity we’re all given to help deliver those services. For me, that includes both acting as a volunteer facilitator at Homewood Health Centre, as well as (along with my family) acting as a respite provider for Christian Horizons. I’m very grateful for those opportunities and am keenly aware of the fact that the experience of giving does far more for me than I could ever do by helping them. For anyone who hasn’t done so, I would encourage you to seize the opportunity and get involved. Be the change.

675 Queen St. S. Suite 230
Kitchener, ON N2M 1A1
Tel.: 519-742-4691
Cell: 226-343-1104 | Fax: 519-742-0621

* Mutual Funds are distributed through Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.