Gabor Lupkovics, B.Sc.

Gabor Lupkovics, B.Sc.

  • Life and Health Insurance Advisor
  • Investment Fund Advisor*

As a financial service advisor, I help my clients - individuals, families, small business owners - establish and maintain financial security. While we can't predict our future, we can prepare for it. Have you noticed that even squirrels are saving for their future? Are you? Start planning today.

When most people think of saving, they think of having enough money for when they are old. Not very inspiring, is it? Yes, saving for retirement is necessary but you can also save for a down payment on a home, a return to school, or going on a dream vacation. Inspired now?

Building wealth is not easy in that it takes some reflection and planning. But, once that's complete, the rest is simple. Together, we'll bring clarity to where you are now financially and where you want to be. By maintaining this clarity with regular communication and reviews, I'll keep you on track.

With more than a decade of client service experience, I learned to listen to the needs of my clients and how to find realistic solutions. My ongoing education provides me best industry practices and how to ask appropriate – and sometimes difficult – questions. I keep refreshing my professional knowledge with specialists in different areas like taxation, estate planning and real estate. I'm specializing in tax-deferred and tax-sheltered investments for individuals and small business owners.

I'm very active in various community groups, such as president of Canadian Hungarian Community Services, which is a non-profit organization helping seniors and new immigrants. I'm a board member of the Toronto Chapter of Advocis. I'm also a personal finance teacher at Centennial College in their entrepreneurship program.

The most important step in providing clear financial solutions is to understand your needs. My personalized service not only means finding appropriate investments for each client but to tailor my working methods to each client's expectations.  We'll establish an agreement right at the beginning; like how often and in what format we communicate, review, etc. After all, this is a service business, and I would like to be of service.

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