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This month’s significant number: 65% - DFSIN - SFL

This month’s significant number: 65%

That’s the percentage of women who feel hesitant about taking investment risks, according to a recent survey.

June 06, 2024

A recent study by the British investment firm Hargreaves Lansdown revealed that a majority of women feel hesitant about investing in the financial markets. And for those aged 55 or older, the proportion of women averse to investment risk rises to 79%.  

Among their reasons, respondents cited a lack of knowledge or information, off-putting financial jargon, and the fact that they think they don’t have enough money to invest due to the risk of incurring losses.  

If you yourself hesitate when it comes to investing your money, it might be reassuring to know that you’re not the only one. Keep in mind, however, that it’s always possible to develop an investment strategy that strikes a balance between your risk tolerance and your long-term financial needs. Ask you advisor about it. 


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